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05 May 2009 @ 10:44 pm
I was going to go to bed, wallow in my pillow, and seek dreams more fluffy and soft than the cruel reality we Arsenal fans have faced tonight... but I just have to give my two cents worth where Gibbs is concerned first.

He had an unlucky night. He slipped - in much the same way Gael Clichy slipped that night of the 4-4 draw against Sp*rs - and we conceded an early and what proved to be a crucial goal. But that doesn't take away from his performance last week at Old Trafford, or any of his other recent displays against top, top sides. This kid has been playing off a high of confidence and it'd be a shame to see it come back down. I hope he sees that the mistake was the team's for, first of all, failing to create any chances last week, and secondly, failing to go absolutely raw at 2-0 down and explode back into the game with a flurry of goals. I was sad to see him get replaced at half-time because it seemed to clearly represent his own lack of confidence in himself. Arsene Wenger would not have taken him off if Gibbs had been in high spirits, because that is just not the way he rolls. Regardless of tonight, I hope he bounces back, because I think he's more than capable of having a bright, bright future at Arsenal.
Padfoot.: victoria concordia crescitpicaillon on May 6th, 2009 08:28 am (UTC)
Man, I hate it when the confidence dips to a low. But here's all my support for him. On a bad day, I just sigh at how young our side is, but this is a side that has been capable of working wonders, and will continue to be, I believe. <3